body temperature gets high, —
he knows how to hold me there

in me, I’m screaming of pleasure, —
he knows what to whisper

generated like a systolic murmur, —
I am inside of his nerves

viaduct of love exhausts his body, —
never anonymous never overuse

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎

visual art, — Hold Me by Steve K

golden touch

fractal moments
fractal dreams
fractal emotions
paint the tableau
tender connected
at words, colors,
sounds, essences
of my every day
to offer at least
a petite fragment
composed from
the universe I am
the bioinspiration
asterisked to you
with golden touch

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎

visual art, — Diary of Discoveries by Vladimir Kush

Jaxson Gamble

time capsule

amid of their playground love
she’s abandoned herself unreservedly,
(her sensuality spill passion)

imprints of his lips shine on her smile
while his lungs, lustily, scan her venus,
(anointed in her absolute)

beauty wears the name of his climax…
cryptic touches, delights, and suspires,
(a bohemian time capsule in the wild)

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎


your dream follow smoothly my perfume
and like a Nahema rose it climbs
on the shoulder of the andromeda galaxy

everywhere is sensed a mystic fragrance
united with the spectrum of a beastly wedding
amongst seraphic blue and tamed green…

is something hotly-balsamic, angelic, honey-like,
is something loved and innocently envied,
something that springs to stay in a sanctuary, —

is the finest myth in all mythological mythology,
is the ambergris, cassis, musk, and immortelle,
is the bohemian silhouette of yours into mine

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎

Chris Whitley

so nice to meet you

the words of my eyes he sips them
smoothly with the mouth of his soul

then stirs them with a tasty memory
well guarded with smiles of his lungs

while tenderness rains with love’s elixir
and everything that our bodies mean

fulfilling lust with so nice to meet you,
un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎



her perfume in his thought, — an art exhibition,
sweet nectar fabricated in constellation’s laboratory

his perfume in her thought, — midnight desire
entwined gently to feel him vulnerable in her hands

but when midnight desire penetrates art exhibition
their universe pours love

thought and act of the god and devil are equally…
their bodies experience the astral journey

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎

Minuit • AaRON

love it

he asked her, —
why would I wanna be today a paintbrush, milady?
and she replied to him, —
perhaps your feelings wanna interpolate with mine inserting your technique and poetic colors to portray me as you love it
he smiled and replied, —
pink peony is your lips, purple sky and beige of the universe is your wavy hair, the reality is blue like your eyes, and your body perfume will depend on the view of the watcher…

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎
[artwork, — Little Master by Lucia Heffernan]

Ivory Layne • UNSECRET

in my mind

I saw him from afar… he saw me, too…
we’re heading towards one another…
willy-nilly, we collide among ourselves…
without apologies, whispers get in touch, —
[chancefully, you’ve been in my mind…]
[all my vibrations call you IwantYou…]

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎

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rustling murmurs of my thoughts
are echoing thru the channels of his mind

my kisses navigate
on the river of wild daisies under a midnight

far and wide, dreaming or roused,
he’s perfumed with me, his DNA wears me

by my side, he feels mesmerizing adrenaline
any realm is like a drama//city or vice versa

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎

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my blood is like a flood of honey
where he’s longing to take a swim
lascivious to wolf down my elixir

when the top of his tongue
licks my playfully twins monsters
seductive poetries my body reveals

any part of me savored by him
drives him happy makes me happy

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎

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while he gets in my room
he’s untying his tie letting it
flow negligent and slippy…
exactly like some meldrops
of a bizarre summer’s rain

the closer he gets to me
he unbuttons his shirt
letting me see… on and on
his perfect body disposed
24/7 to love me and kiss me

even if I’m not a religious,
inevitably, deeply, endlessly,
he takes me up to heaven
making me his sunshine
blooming fully just for him

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎

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no harm

if would be as his soul want,
I should never cry or be sad,
I should never have any pain

if would be as his soul want,
I should be happy perpetually
defined only by joy and love

if would be as his soul want,
nothing evil should approach
by me as I’m shielded by him

if would be as his soul want
thru his method of loving me
you’d understand me better
I can do to nobody no harm

un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ ;₎₎

[I got You 🎨 Polina Bright]

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