It’s My Life

wanna sex, love, money, — positive 
it is as much as I want, — negative 
a good thought daily, — positive 
for everyone, — negative 
music, books, movies, — positive 
any kind of type, — negative 
sport, travel, companions, — positive 
happens every day, — negative 
I love, I have desires, — positive 
hating someone, — negative 
a tiny joy, a smile, a hug, — positive 
everybody offers, — negative 
I’m starved of life like a wolf, — positive 
accepting anything, — negative 
attractive, witty, chic, frankly, — positive 
following someone’s rules, — negative 
conclusion, — my life’s wonderfully 
positive, — negative, — I love it! 
I experience it! I admire it! It’s My Life
✓✍🏻 ;₎₎ 
Bon Jovi ♪

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