an end, it addresses gently to a new beginning

each passing year whispered to me,
you’re the most beautiful poetry…
as such unreal as you’re true,
clad in your mysterious air
of a manuscript, but I have to
abdicate now, so, keep me
in your thoughts to remain
as a mark of those seconds
out of the hottest and
tendentious taste of yours…
to each one, I whispered, —
I’m easier than a thought
in your mind and heavier than
a dream that you could dream.
Take me like a figment
waltzing dressed in verses
then, hold me tight in your arms,
purely and intensely for our love
to rise over borders, to be irrevocable
and to fulfill concretely our story
from one letter to another letter,
from one word to another word,
from a tune to another tune…
to have butterflies,
to feel like I’m flying with all
those vibrations wandering
throughout the world, through
the thoughts, souls and… —
we’ll collect kisses for dreams,
and we’ll give meaning to
a life-paradise with
the passionate shiver of our
sprightly soul full of love…
 ________________Well, —
At this very moment, my heart
beats in mad rhythms, rhythms
of desire, passion, and longing
through the Eventide Clockworks.
So I closed my eyes thinking a bit
just for myself, — there’s nothing
comparable as an embrace after
one long… [absence?] 😉 nothing
than fitting my face into the curve
of your shoulder, filling my lungs
with the scent of you, — therefore,
as if by magic I’d have a handful
of stardust, I’ll spread it all over,
so close your eyes and think
for a moment in miracles!
The first desire that will come
to your mind… will be fulfilled

🙂_____________ tchin-tchin!
©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi


I’m gonna love you as you are,
innocent, harmless, and
without too many questions.
I’m gonna love you
gentle, sophisticated,
subtle and tender
to remember about me
until the next time.
Are you laughing…?
I’m gonna love you as you are…
I need you…
for… forever

Chris Rea

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