if anybody asks you…

the holy Christmas it’s here… 
the house is adorned with apple pie flavor 
pampered with cinnamon, 
with the brioches smeared in honey 
filled with the suppleness of the bitter cherries 
dressed in fine chocolate and 
sprinkled with the holy myrrh of almond, 
haunted by some gingerbreads 
with the collarette of sour cream 
softened in essence of orange and lemon, 
exactly as the traditional spirit asks and invites, 
disguised among of unstable sausages, 
steamed steaks and other goodies 
wrapped in cabbage leaves, and vine leaf, 
spurred with the booze of gods…—
and for completing the atmosphere, 
all are spiced with jokes, dance, and music, 
in the presence of dearest ones, 
even if some of them are near or far…— 
have a bon appetit wherever you are… 
the love is felt… and is reloaded
over and over, again, if anybody asks you

Chris Rea

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