blue moon

it’s just blue moon
and me,
sipping it with cognac,
in abstract of clepsydras…

it’s just blue moon
and you,
not mentalist or
a magician,
or the illusion of a wizard, —

it’s just blue moon
any thought of yours,
touching each cell of mine
sublime until orgasm…

it’s just blue moon
who’s the moon and
who’s the blue,
nobody claimed…
it’s just been graved
and fulfilled…
to fly me to the moon


Diana Krall

when she dances

At an end of the world
to the other one

Not talking just listening to
a fenced harmonious murmur

A silhouette rising up
on Different-Shades-of-Blue
I am

the reason you watch me

Unbroken you see me… —
sweet like a sin
un p’tit je ne sais quoi © ᶜᵒᶜᵒ

Joe Bonamassa

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