rain in March

❝ Was raining infernally and us,
we were doing love at some mansards.
Through the windows of the sky, oval-shaped,
the clouds had been flowing in the March’s.
The walls of the room were agitating
behind of some sketches in chalk.
And our souls had been dancing
into an unseen out of a concrete world.
” The rain it’ll pour on your wings”, you said,
” And will rain with the ornaments balls,
on the whole globe and through the weather “.
” Doesn’t matter”, I was telling you, “Lorelei,
it rains only on my flight, with the feather…that’s all.”
Then I raised up higher and higher without knowing
in which part of the world I let my room.
You’re calling me from the behind:
” Answer me, answer me… what’s more beautiful…?
The people…? The rain…?”
Was raining infernally, a total madness of rain…
and us, we were doing love at some mansards.
I would have never wanted it to end
never… that month of March’s rain  ❞
a poem by Nichita Stanesco, rain in March 
performers │ Nicu Alifantis & Paula Seling

translation‧‧‧ ©ᵏᴼᵏᴼ ↭ un p’tit je ne sais quoi

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